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Our Workflow


Story Pitching

Artistic Studio is a collective of polymaths who are experts in a variety of artistic disciplines. We pay attention to and analyze our clients' requirements. As soon as we have a good idea of the overall requirements, we brainstorm a story and pitch the one-liner to the clients. Once the client is satisfied with the story idea, the team moves to the Pre-production stage.


Pre Production (Script & Story Board Preparation)

We prepare the script and storyboards during the pre-production stage. The location, characters, and plot are all included in the script. Following the completion of the script, it's time to select the appropriate equipment and assemble a skilled filming crew. At this point in the production, the shoot date will be determined.


Shoot (Video Production)

The filming starts at this stage. After discussing the finalized script, the team gather at the filming location. Camera operators and grips will follow the director and cinematographer's shooting plan, capturing all of the necessary footage. During this time, video and sound editors are hired to select the best takes of the day and put them together in a sequence so that a rough cut is ready by the end of filming.


Post Production (Editing)

After the principal shooting, the audio and visual materials are cut together to create a film during the post-production phase. An editor pieces together footage shot by shot, adds music and adds sound and visual effects. Some filming elements, such as pick-up shots and voiceover, may be included in post-production. These elements are combined to create a multi-sensory experience we call a movie.


Final Product Delivery

The final stage of production is distribution, which occurs after your film has been edited and is ready for viewing. To promote the film, promotional marketing will be used, and any commitments made to clients and rights holders will be honoured. Your film could be released on social media, YouTube, or any other digital media platform, depending on your distribution deal.

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